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February 2019




It’s that time of year again here at Milwood Little League. We are already planning for the upcoming season and we ask for your support in 2019. Community support is vital to the success of our league and we would love to have you join us this season! Please review the following sponsorship opportunities to see which option is best for your organization.


Basic Team Sponsorship is $425.00 and includes

        * Team shirts with sponsor name

        * Acknowledgement on our website and Facebook page

        * Team photo sponsor plaque


BasicPlus Team Sponsorship is $475.00 and includes

         * All of the Basic package

         * Vinyl field banner with sponsor logo

Premier Sponsorship is package amount above & $115 per sponsored player

Milwood Little League has a large number of families who request financial assistance each year in order for their child to be able to play.  Please consider sponsoring a child in addition to your sponsorship package. 


Field Banner is $300.00 and includes acknowledgement on our website



No matter which option you choose, it means great exposure for your company and you will have the pleasure of knowing you have helped hundreds of kids play ball this season.


Please complete the enclosed agreement and return to us as soon as possible. We are already filling our teams for the upcoming season.


Thanks for your consideration this year and we hope to hear from you soon!



Kim Feenstra

President, Milwood Little League

Sponsorship questions - contact Kim Feenstra at [email protected]
Electronic art submission - contact Susan Gaunt at [email protected]



Sponsor Name (Exactly how it should appear on printed material):_________________________________________


Team Name (if different from above): ______________________________________________________________


Contact:                                                Phone:                                    Email Address: ___________________

Mailing Address:____________________________________________________________________________

Please indicate if you would like to sponsor a team in a specific division:


___ T-ball (boys & girls), ages 4-7                     

___ Minor Baseball, ages 7-8                               

___ Little Major Baseball, ages 9-10                   

___ Major Baseball, ages 11-12
___ 50/70 Intermediate Baseball, ages 11-13                      

___ Junior Baseball, ages 13-14                       

___ Minor Softball, ages 7-8

___ Little Major Softball, ages 9-10

___ Major Softball, ages 11-12

___ Junior Softball, ages 13-14

___ Other (please specify): ___________________________


Name of player(s) whose team you wish to sponsor (if any): _______________________________________


Special requests: ___________________________________________________________________________


Please select sponsor package:


___ Basic - Includes team shirts with your business name, website acknowledgement & team plaque for $425.00


___ BasicPlus - Includes all of the above plus a field banner for $475.00


___ Banner only Includes field banner and website acknowledgement for $300.00


____Sponsor a player -  $115 per player _______ # of players     _________________ $total

League Sponsor - $3,000

____All Star Sponsor - $1,000

________________________________________   _________________________________   ____________ 

Authorized representative’s signature                        Please print name                                        Date


________________________________________   _________________________________   ____________

Milwood Little League representative                         Please print name                                        Date


Please return this signed agreement promptly to:

Milwood Little League, P.O. Box 2786, Kalamazoo, Michigan, 49003


You will be invoiced or you may include your remittance with this signed agreement.

SPONSORS MUST BE IN PLACE BY MARCH 14, 2019, so please don’t delay!

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